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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

fashion encyclopedia: Ashi Studio fall 2014 couture

exo’s showtime unseen cut: xiumin (as well as everyone else) marveling at luhan’s fortune



Ya’ll don’t understand.  He was in.the.middle. of a performance during the SMA’s & his ear buds died.  He pulled them out while dancing & that’s him taking the whole pack off.

He had to finish up, hit that high note, &  keep up with the “Everybody” choreography with no sound pumping into his ear. 


this literally turned me on. Not even how he looks because HOT DAMN but his god-like level of professionalism leads me to believe he’d run the HELL out of my household.


Ha:tfelt - Bond (feat. Beenzino)


BtoB 5th Mini-Album MOVE Teaser Pics; 

Key’s face when the “Hello” host brought out a turtle for him to touch